Simple to Set Up, Simple to Use

You can take the Clover out of the box and set it up in minutes

Faster checkouts, fewer mistakes

Better yet, there’s no lengthy training process. Whether you have just a couple of dedicated employees, or many part-timers, Clover’s intuitive design ensures that your employees won’t need more than about 15 minutes themselves to learn key functions.

You’re in charge

Add things like menu items or employees or make other changes quickly and easily. That IT person you got rid of when you set up your Clover Station? Still don’t need him.

You’re always up to date

Software updates happen automatically, so you’ll always have the latest version. And because the Clover Station is a dedicated POS device, your POS won’t be vulnerable to the whims of more consumer-oriented operating system updates (yes, we’re looking at you, iOS7).

Who you gonna call?

Clover is one system. So if you ever need assistance or a bit of advice, whether it’s for your touchscreen, your printer, your cash drawer, your software, your merchant account, or… you don’t quite know, there’s only one phone number to call.