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Pax Aries 8 Terminal

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Brand: Pax
Model: Aries 8
Country/Region of Manufacture: USA

PAX Aries6 Kit Aries 6, Android 6" Payment Terminal with Integrated Plate Attached *To be used as a Multi-Lane Payment Device* PN: R6-A7300-0300-2P1-EA

Powerhouse SmartTablet for Secure Payments Aries6
The Aries6 SmartTablet represents the next generation, Android tablet-based Retail PIN-Pad. The compact Aries6 design includes a vibrant 6” high-resolution display with capacitive touch screen, peripherals supporting all types of electronic payments available today, and a physically integrated Communications Plate that provides multiple communication options for interfacing with local Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals. Additionally, the backside of the Communication Plate includes mounting facilities that allow installing the Aries6 terminal on most existing stands used in the retail marketplace today. The integrated front-facing camera provides assurance that new touch-free payment solutions based upon QR codes can be seamlessly integrated into the Aries6. PCI certified for both standard and unattended use and with superior liquid-resistant design the Aries6 SmartTablet can be integrated into virtually any retail environment, large and small alike.

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